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Simoncelli claims RockFest prize, Ligety skis out

Davide Simoncelli took home the 70,000 euro purse at this season’s RockFest as Mr GS skied out of the course.

With a tinge of blue everywhere one looked at Andalo, Italy, where RockFest was held, it seemed natural the home standing Italians would succeed. They did. Simoncelli topped young teammate Luca DeAlprandini for the win with Aksel Lund Svindal in third. The Finn, Marcus Sandell got fourth and Ted Ligety, Mr GS, though the best through two rounds, had his day evaporate five gates from the finish with a mistake that took him off the course. He placed fifth on the day.

It was Simoncelli’s first win since March of 2006 and he was overjoyed with both the win, after a return from a June injury, and of course the check that will make Christmas all that more enjoyable.

“I was just very lucky,” said Simoncelli. “If Ted did not lose the last gate, now we are here to party. All day Ligety has proven to be the fastest, the strongest and the most comfortable on this track and with (his) material. I had good luck and perseverance.”

“I enjoyed it,” said Ligety with a smile that has become characteristic this season. “It is a very engaging and enjoyable format. I made a mistake, but perhaps avoidable mistakes are part of the game. In so short a race anything can happen, and it happened to me. Congratulations to Davide. “

Simoncelli’s party was already underway with rock bands Origin of Species, the Bastard Sons of Dionysus and Rebel Rootz providing additional adrenaline.

Simoncelli photo by Gepa

Hank McKee

Senior Editor

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