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Redbook Alpine Corrections

Redbook Alpine Corrections{mosimage}AIBA, Rei USA New York City, NY 7/4/1987 Burke Mountain Academy
2004 JII Nat’ls: 20th gs, 9th sl.

BRANDENBURG, Will USA Spokane, Wash 1/1/1987 Sweitzer
2004 Nor-Ams: 152nd overall 5pts; 67th sg 5pts. GER Nat’l Champs: 18th dh, 35th sl. JII Nat’ls: 3rd gd, 16th sg, 3rd dh, 4th sl, combined champion.

BROUSSEAU, Brendan USA Saranac Lake, NY 5/13/1987 New York SEF
2004 JII Nat’ls: 6th gs, 4th sg, 6th dh, 10th sl, 2nd cmb.

CHOPP, Jordan USA Petoskey, Mich 9/15/1988 Nubs Nob
2004 JII Nat’ls: 24th sl.

COHEE, Nick USA Kirkwood, Calif 7/2/1988 Sugar Bowl
2004 JII Nat’ls: 29th sl.

CUMMISKEY, Sean USA Marquette, Mich 5/16/1987 Ski Club Vail
2004 JII Nat’ls: 12th gs, 23rd sl.

FINK-DEBRAY, Miles USA Ketchum, Idaho 2/26/1988 Park City SEF
2004 JII Nat’ls: 26th sl. Far West JI-II’s: 12th sl.

FORD, William USA Ludlow, Vt 7/21/1987 Holderness School
2004 GER Nat’l Champs: 26th dh, 26th gs, 22nd sg, 33rd sl. JII Nat’ls: Giant Slalom champion, 8th sl.

HAMMER, Maximilian USA Jackson Hole, Wyom 1/29/1988 Jackson Hole SC
2004 JII Nat’ls: 6th sg, 18th dh, 27th sl.

HARRIS, Martin USA South Lake Tahoe, Calif 2/12/1988
2004 JII Nat’ls: 22nd gs, 23rd sg, 5th sl.

HERR, J Ross USA Eagle, Colo 2/5/1987 Ski Club Vail
2004 JII Nat’ls: 27th sg, 26th dh, 22nd sl.

HUNTER, Jonathon USA McAfee, NJ Stratton Mountain School
2004 GER Nat’l Champs: 43rd dh, 24th gs, 36th sg, 20th sl. JII Nat’ls: 2nd gs, 2nd sg, slalom champion, 3rd cmb.

JOHNSON, Austin USA Traverse City, Mich 5/2/1987 Grand Traverse SC
2004 JII Nat’ls: 2nd sl.

KULLAS, Nicholaus USA Eagle, Colo 9/3/1987 Ski Club Vail
2004 JII Nat’ls: 13th gs, 22nd dh, 11th sl, 5th cmb.

LUND, Jacob USA Hudson, Wisc 1/16/1987 Afton Alps
2004 JII Nat’ls: 5th gs, 24th dh, 6th sl, 4th cmb.

LUTHRINGER, Tyler USA Syracuse, NY 9/23/1988 Green Mountain Valley School
2004 JII Nat’ls: 17th gs, 26th sg, 19th sl.

McKNIGHT, Ian USA Durango, Colo Purgatory SC
2004 JII Nat’ls: 11th dh, 28th sl.

MOOSEAU, Dixon USA Ketchum, Idaho 2/11/1988 Sun Valley SEF
2004 JII Nat’ls: 30th sg, 14th dh, 20th sl. Far West JI-II’s 16th sg, 30th gs, 7th sl.

REED, Jack USA Stowe, Vt 1/4/1987 Mount Mansfield SC
2004 JII Nat’ls: 10th gs, 7th sl.

RINGER, Robby USA Red Lodge, Mont 2/6/1987 Silver Run SEF
2004 JII Nat’ls: 27th gs, 9th sg, 17th dh, 14th sl, 8th cmb. Far West JI-II’s: 17th dh, 6th sg, 10th gs.

SAKAGUCHI, Shun USA Breckenridge, Colo 12/25/1987 Team Summit
2004 JII Nat’ls: 11th sg, 30th sl.

SEIBERT, Peter USA Edwards, Colo 5/28/1987 Ski Club Vail
2004 JII Nat’ls: 26th gs, 23rd sh, 15th sl, 10th cmb.

STIEGLER, Seppi USA Park City, Utah 11/28/1988 Park City SEF
2004 JII Nat’ls: 13th sl.

TARBERRY, Ace USA Conway, NH 2/4/1988 Attitash SEF
2004 JII Nat’ls: 8th gs, 24th sg, 10th dh, 17th sl, 6th cmb.

TELLING, Taylor USA Avon, Colo 3/3/1988 Ski Club Vail
2004 JII Nat’ls: 25th sg, 25th sl.

WALLMAN, Michael USA Park City, Utah 5/31/1988 Park City SEF
2004 JII Nat’ls: 18th sl.

WEHAN, Bryce USA Kirkwood, Calif 6/9/1988 Kirkwood SEF
2004 JII Nat’ls: 29th gs, 12th sl.

WEIBRECHT, Ethan USA Lake Placid, NY 4/9/1988 New York SEF
2004 JII Nat’ls: 19th gs, 5th sg, 13th dh, 21st sl, 9th cmb.

WOOLWINE, Spencer USA Winter Park, Colo 7/2/1987 Winter Park
2004 JII Nat’ls: 7th gs, 24th dh, 16th sl, 7th cmb.

YOLKEN, Kevin USA Moss Beach, Calif 6/9/1987 Sugar Bowl
2004: US Nat’l Champs: 34th sl. JII Nat’ls: 3rd sl.

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