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Putting Dec. 2-3, 2005, in U.S. ski racing history

Putting Dec. 2-3, 2005, in U.S. ski racing history{mosimage}For the United States Ski Team, “These ARE the Good Old Days.”

There have been 16 USA 1-2 World Cup finishes, with two more in the Sarajevo Olympics and one more in last season’s World Championships. Several of those World Cup results have also been a portion of U.S. win streaks. Several others have been coupled with same-day U.S. wins at another site. But for the whole package, if Dec. 2 and 3, 2005 with three wins and two seconds, isn’t No. 1, it’s damned close to it.

The major contender is a six-race podium streak: In 1982, Phil and Steve Mahre put together a remarkable series of consecutive races from March 13 through March 19. …
March 13, Jasna – Steve wins GS (Phil was third)
March 14, Jasna – Phil wins SL (Steve was third)
March 17, Bad Kleinkirchheim – Steve wins GS with Phil 2nd
March 19, Kranjska Gora – Phil wins GS
March 21: Interestingly, the women did not contest a race during that stretch, though they did race a same day SL and GS March 21 with McKinney and Cooper 2nd and 3rd respectively in GS and McKinney 3rd in SL extending the podium blitz.

On Feb 13,1971, Marilyn and Barbara Cochran went one-two respectively at Mont Ste. Anne with Barbara and Karen Budge going one-two in a Heavenly Valley GS Feb 26, 1971. … Between those two races, Barbara won the Heavenly SL.

We might expect – because of Phil and Steve – a number of the 1-2 finishes incorporating siblings … and seven of the 16 do, starting with the first two: Judy and Cathy Nagel going 1-2 in GS at Vipiteno Feb 2, 1969. The next was Marilyn and Barbara Cochran at Mont Ste. Anne in slalom on Feb. 13, 1971. The rest of the sibling sweeps are Phil and Steve, with Steve taking the top spot more often.

Until last season, the best men’s result was in GS at Copper Mnt March 5, 1976 when Greg Jones won, Phil Mahre was second and Steve finished 6th. … Cindy Nelson was 2nd on the same day also at Copper and also at GS. But remember Daron Rahlves and Bode Miller tied for first in the final SG last season.

1983Tamara McKinney posted three consecutive wins in 1983, winning March 9 (GS) and 10 (GS-Nelson 3rd) and Vail GS March 12 with Cindy Nelson 2nd.

Same-day wins and 1-2 finish
Same-day wins coupled with a 1-2 finish include:
1. Feb 14, 1982 – Garmisch SL – 1. Steve Mahre 2. Phil Mahre; Cmb 1. Steve

2. Jan. 23, 1983 – St. Gervais GS – 1. Tamara McKinney 2. Christin Cooper; Kitzbuehel Cmb – 1. Phil Mahre

3. Dec. 3, 2004 – Beaver Creek DH – 1. Bode Miller 2. Daron Rahlves; Lake Louise DH – 1. Lindsey Kildow

4. Dec. 3, 2005 – Beaver Creek GS – 1. Bode Miller 2. Daron Rahlves; Lake Louise DH – 1. Lindsey Kildow.

USA 1-2 finishes
1. Feb. 8, 1969, Vipiteno SL 1) Judy Nagel 2) Cathy Nagel
2. Feb. 13, 1971, Mont Ste. Anne SL 1) Marilyn Cochran 2) Barbara Cochran
3. Feb. 26, 1971 Heavenly Valley GS 1) Barbara Cochran 2) Karen Budge (Barbara also wins between these two doubles.
4. March 5, 1976, Copper Mnt. GS 1) Greg Jones 2) Phil Mahre (S Mahre 6th; Cindy Nelson 2nd same day, same site)
5. Dec. 18, 1979, Val d’Isere CMB 1) Phil Mahre 2) Steve Mahre
6. Jan. 17, 1981, Oberstaufen/Kitzbuehel CMB 1) Phil Mahre 2) Steve Mahre
7. Dec. 14, 1981, Cortina SL 1) Steve Mahre 2) Phil Mahre
8. Feb. 14, 1982, Garmisch SL 1) Steve Mahre 2) Phil Mahre (Steve also wins combined)
9. March 17, 1982, Bad Kleinkirchheim GS 1) Steve Mahre 2) Phil Mahre
10. Jan. 23, 1983, St. Gervais GS 1) Tamara McKinney 2) Christin Cooper (Phil Mahre wins Kitzbuehel cmb same day
11. March 12, 1983, Vail GS 1) Tamara McKinney 2) Cindy Nelson
12. Dec. 9, 1994, Lake Louise DH 1) Picabo Street 2) Hilary Lindh
13. Dec. 3, 2004, Beaver Creek DH 1) Bode Miller 2) Daron Rahlves (Kildow wins same day Lake Louise DH)
14. March 11, 2005, Lenzerheide 1)Bode Miller 1) Daron Rahlves
15. Dec. 2, 2005, Beaver Creek DH 1) Daron Rahlves 2) Bode Miller
16. Dec. 3, 2005, Beaver Creek GS 1) Bode Miller 2) Daron Rahlves (Schlopy 4th) & (Kildow wins same day Lake Louise DH)

Sarajevo Feb. 13, 1984 GS 1)Armstrong 2) Cooper (McKinney 4th)
Sarajevo Feb. 19, 1984 SL 1)Phil Mahre 2)Steve Mahre

World Championships
Bormio Feb. 5, 2005 DH 1)Bode Miller 2) Daron Rahlves

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