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Poutiainen’s coach returns to Swiss team

Tanja Poutiainen in one of her last World Cup races before retiring. GEPA/Harald Steiner

Tanja Poutiainen in one of her last World Cup races before retiring. GEPA/Harald Steiner

Switzerland’s head coaches Hans Flatscher and Walter Hlebayna head into the upcoming season with staffing changes on the development front. For the women, Tanja Poutiainen’s coach Christian Bruesch will return to Swiss-Ski to lead the Europa Cup team, while Osi Inglin returns as a group coach for the men’s C squad. Bruesch, a former European and World Cup coach with the Swiss women’s team, returns to a team with which he is quite familiar. 

“I would like to have Christian Bruesch committed already when I took office two years ago and am happy that it works now,” said Flatscher regarding the hiring decision. 

Christian Bruesch

Christian Bruesch

Bruesch will be assisted by Daniele Petrini, with whom he had previously worked successfully on the European Cup staff. The former European Cup group trainer, Ulisse Delea, is taking over the post of C squad coach. Osi Inglin, former head coach of the men and coordinator for infrastructure of training slopes at Swiss-Ski, becomes the new group C squad coach on the men’s side. 

“After a year break from the coaching business, where Osi Inglin could pay intensive attention to the concept of training tracks and their implementation, this new task fits perfectly to his profile. From his experience and know-how, we hope for strong impetus for the next generation, ” said Alpine Director Rudi Huber. In addition to his duties as a coach, Inglin will continue to assume the responsibility for the training runs project.

Sepp Brunner committed as the successor of Walter Hubmann for the men’s speed group back in March, so Swiss-Ski will move into the new season with the following staff in place:

Women – Roland Platzer (speed), Alois Prenn (technical), Christian Brüesch (European Cup), Ulisse Delea (C squad) 

Men – Sepp Brunner (speed), Jörg Roten (combi), Steve Locher (technical), Michael Weyermann (European Cup), Osi Inglin (C squad) 

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