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A POLITICALLY CORRECT BODE MILLER RETURNS FROM DUBAICHAMONIX, France Bode Miller returned to the World Cup from his vacation in Dubai on Wednesday, rested and muzzled.
Miller ran the second training run for the Chamonix downhill, which is on Saturday, and finished 22nd. He then attended a press gathering organized by his primary sponsor, Barilla pasta.
The invitation to the press gathering encouraged media members to submit questions ahead of time to Barilla’s Swizerland-based marketing agency “so that we can best use the time available.”
It is Ski Racing magazine’s policy not to let interview subjects screen reporters’ questions prior to interviews, and similar policies are in place at most American news organizations.
The invitation went on to say that Miller would not answer questions about two controversial subjects that he has raised this season.
“We would like to specify that Bode Miller will not answer any questions concerning the controversy surrounding the interpretations of his comments regarding his position on anti-doping controls and alcohol,” the French language invitation read. “He believes that he has expressed himself enough on these issues.”
Miller is famous for being candid with journalists. He has declined to comment on issues before, but it is believed that this is the first time that reporters have been asked to trade their journalistic freedom for access to the skier.
Lowell Taub, one of Miller’s agents, said that Miller would likely not discuss controversial subjects in coming weeks. “To limit the distractions to himself and his teammates,” said Taub, “he feels that theres no point in discussing these topics.”
But Taub said that Miller had not chosen to restrict access to individual reporters.
The press gathering was initially organized in the fall. The skier’s multiyear contract with Barilla, which began in 2003 and is due to expire after the Olympic Winter Games in Torino this month, requires that he appear at various gatherings each season, often attended by journalists.
Last month Miller was snagged in a publicity disaster surrounding comments he made about skiing and alcohol. Click here for complete coverage.
Miller’s historic consecutive-race streak came to an end last week at 136.

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