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Oberstdorf jumping: Ahonen nabs first win of the season

Oberstdorf jumping: Ahonen nabs first win of the season{mosimage}OBERSTDORF, Germany – Defending World Cup champion Janne Ahonen earned his first World Cup win of the season Thursday, thanks largely to a strong first-round jump that withstood a final round challenge. No Americans competed as the renowned Four Hills Tournee opened for its 54th year.

Ahonen jumped 130.5 and 130 meters, good for 270.9 points, with Norwegian Roar Ljoekelsoey second on jumps of 128.5 and 132 meters (268.4). World Cup leader Jakub Janda of the Czech Republic was third, compiling 262.6 points on jumps of 123.5 and 133.5 meters.

The next competition is the traditional New Year’s Day event Sunday in the 1936 Olympic venue at Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany.

– Courtesy USSA News Bureau

Four Hills Tour ski jumping results
1. Janne Ahonen, Finland, 270.9 points (130.5 meters-130 meters).
2. Roar Ljoekelsoey, Norway, 268.4 (129.5-132).
3. Jakub Janda, Czech Republic, 262.6 (123.5-133.5).
4. Takanobu Okabe, Japan, 260.8 (128-130.5).
5. Matti Hautamaeki, Finland, 258 (129.5-125.5).
6. Andreas Widhoelzl, Austria, 248.1 (119.5-130).
7. Georg Spaeth, Germany, 245.3 (119.5-129).
8. Simon Ammann, Switzerland, 244.8 (120.5-128).
9. Michael Uhrmann, Germany, 244.4 (120.5-127.5).
10. Bjoern Einar Romoeren, Norway, 243.8 (117-131.5).
11. Dimitri Vassiliev, Russia, 243.6 (117.5-134.5).
12. Alexander Herr, Germany, 238.7 (117.5-129).
13. Adam Malysz, Poland, 238 (121-124).
(tie) Noriaki Kasai, Japan, 238 (119.5-125.5).
15. Andreas Kofler, Austria, 236.7 (122-122).

Overall World Cup standings
After 9 of 23 events

1. Jakub Janda, Czech Republic, 612 points
2. Janne Ahonen, Finland, 535.
3. Andreas Kuettel, Switzerland, 441.
4. Michael Uhrmann, Germany, 396.
5. Andreas Widhoelzl, Austria, 294.
6. Adam Malysz, Poland, 260.
(tie) Roar Ljoekelsoey, Norway, 260.
8. Lars Bystoel, Norway, 242.
9. Thomas Morgenstern, Austria, 228.
10. Robert Kranjec, Slovenia, 211.

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