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Nik Zoricic’s legacy lives on in ski cross safety initiatives

Nik Zoricic in the Les Contamines World Cup in 2012. GEPA/Oliver Lerch

Nik Zoricic in the Les Contamines World Cup in 2012. GEPA/Oliver Lerch

OBERHOFEN, Switzerland – Two years after the tragic accident that claimed the life of Canadian ski cross athlete Nik Zoricic, the foundation set up in his name is realizing its goal of improving the safety of the sport of ski cross. The International Ski Federation (FIS) is pleased to support the Nik Zoricic Foundation and its objectives.

The accident that claimed Nik’s life at a ski cross competition in Grindelwald, Switzerland on March 10, 2012 deeply touched the entire international ski community. The FIS, the Verein Ski Cross Berner Oberland, the Canadian Snowsport Association (CSA), Alpine Canada (ACA) and all persons involved with the Grindelwald event and Nik’s participation stand by his family in their loss.

During the last two years, FIS has further developed the Ski Cross Course Guidelines, taking into consideration the suggestions that have been made by the constituents of the ski cross community in the aftermath of Nik’s accident. The updated guidelines include important improvements that speak to the legacy of Nik Zoricic to the sport of ski cross.

In addition, Nik’s family and friends started the Nik Zoricic Foundation, which is dedicated to the improvement of the safety of ski cross athletes. FIS highly welcomes this initiative and is proud to support its efforts and to offer its close cooperation. To demonstrate its backing for the activities of the Nik Zoricic Foundation, the FIS will contribute $ 250,000 over five years to the foundation.

FIS never takes a ski accident lightly, but always undertakes substantial efforts to learn from the unfortunate events to further improve the safety of the competitors and to minimize the risks of accidents. Thanks to the family and friends of Nik, and the entire ski cross community’s dedication to his memory, Nik’s legacy will be strongly associated with the improvements to safety for his fellow ski cross competitors.

Release courtesy of FIS

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