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Lindsey Kildow and Bode Miller named Chevrolet/Ski Racing Skiers of the Year

Lindsey Kildow and Bode Miller named Chevrolet/Ski Racing Skiers of the Year{mosimage}The Chevrolet/Ski Racing Skier of the Year trophy, awarded each season to the best American Alpine skiers, one man and one woman. This year’s winners, Bode Miller and Lindsey Kildow, were celebrated Friday night at the opening ceremonies of the U.S. Alpine National Championships in Mammoth Mountain, California.

75 Greg Jones 75 Cindy Nelson
76 Phil Mahre 76 Cindy Nelson
77 Phil Mahre 77 Abbi Fisher
78 Phil Mahre 78 Cindy Nelson
79 Phil Mahre 79 Cindy Nelson
80 Phil Mahre 80 Christin Cooper
81 Steve Mahre 81 Tamara McKinney
82 Steve Mahre 82 Christin Cooper
83 Bill Johnson 83 Cindy Nelson
84 Bill Johnson 84 Tamara McKinney
85 Doug Lewis 85 Tamara McKinney
86 no award 86 Pam Fletcher
87 no award 87 Tamara McKinney
88 Felix McGrath 88 Diana Golden*
89 Felix McGrath 89 Tamara McKinney
90 no award 90 Diann Roffe
91 Phil Mahre* 91 Eva Twardokens – Julie Parisien
92 AJ Kitt 92 Diann Roffe-Steinrotter
93 Tommy Moe 93 Picabo Street
94 Tommy Moe 94 Diann Roffe-Steinrotter
95 Kyle Rasmussen 95 Picabo Street
96 no award 96 Picabo Street
97 no award 97 Hilary Lindh
98 no award 98 Kristina Koznick
99 Chad Fleicher 99 Kristina Koznick
00 Daron Rahlves 00 Kristina Koznick
01 Daron Rahlves 01 Kirsten Clark
02 Bode Miller 02 Kristina Koznick
03 Bode Miller 03 Kirsten Clark
04 Bode Miller 04 Kirsten Clark
05 Bode Miller 05 Lindsey Kildow

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