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Lillehammer: Czech Republic's Janda nips Bystol in World Cup jumping

Lillehammer: Czech Republic’s Janda nips Bystol in World Cup jumping{mosimage}LILLEHAMMER, Norway – Jakub Janda of the Czech Republic won a World Cup ski jumping meet Sunday with the longest jump in each round.

Janda started with a 135.5-meter jump to take a 10.5-point lead over Norway’s Lars Bystol, and he then leapt 131.5 meters to collect 285.6 points for the series.

Bystol was a career-best second at 269.1 points on his 27th birthday after jumps of 130.5 and 129 meters.

Andreas Kuttel of Switzerland, who broke the hill record with a 139-meter jump in winning Saturday ahead of Janda, was third at 267.2 points. He had two 129.5-meter jumps on Lysgardsbakken’s hill.

Janne Ahonen, the defending World Cup champion from Finland, placed sixth.

After four of 23 competitions, Janda tops the overall standings with 316 points, followed by Ahonen (245) and Kuttel (225).

World Cup ski jump results
1. Jakub Janda, Czech Republic, 285.6 points (135.5 meters-131.5 meters).
2. Lars Bystol, Norway, 269.1 (130.5-129).
3. Andreas Kuttel, Switzerland, 267.2 (129.5-129.5).
4. Andreas Widholzl, Austria, 263.0 (129-128.5).
5. Adam Malysz, Poland, 260.6 (130-127).
6. Janne Ahonen, Finland 255.2 (126-128).
7. Andreas Kofler, Austria, 251.7 (126.5-125).
8. Thomas Morgenstern, Austria, 251.6 (128-126.5).
9. Wolfgang Loitzl, Austria, 249.4 (126-124.5).
10. Takanobu Okabe, Japan, 245.6 (124.5-125).
11. Bjorn Einar Romoren, Norway, 244.2 (125-124).
12. Matti Hautamaki, Finland, 241.5 (125-122.5).
13. Tommy Ingebrigtsen, Norway, 239.6 (126-121).
14. Michael Uhrmann, Germany, 239.0 (122-125.5).
15. Martin Hollwarth, Austria, 236.6 (125-119.5)

Overall standings
(After 4 of 23 events)

1. Jakub Janda, Czech Republic, 316 points.
2. Janne Ahonen, Finland, 245.
3. Andreas Kuttel, Switzerland, 225.
4. Robert Kranjec, Slovenia, 196.
5. Michael Uhrmann, Germany, 178.
6. Lars Bystol, Norway, 175.
7. Adam Malysz, Poland, 152.
8. Andreas Widholzl, Austria, 151.
9. Thomas Morgenstern, Austria, 141.
10. Andreas Kofler, Austria, 93.

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