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Kitzbuehel: Bill Hudson's tips to get right on the edge of craziness

Kitzbuehel: Bill Hudson’s tips to get right on the edge of crazinessKITZBUEHEL, Austria – If you are in Kitzbuehel right now, Bill Hudson has some advice for you.

Hudson is the former U.S. Ski Team downhiller who gained some fame for once flying off the Hahnenkamm downhill’s notorious Mausefalle jump at a bad angle and going over the fence.

Ski Racing called ‘Huddy’ who is now the executive director of the Sugar Bowl Ski Team Foundation, and asked him where is the best place to stand to get a view of the wolrd’s most dangerous course: the Hahnenkamm downhill.

‘You gotta watch somewhere down on the Zeilschuss, where people stand around and then slide down afterwards’ said Hudson.

Then he paused, a refined his advice:

‘If they were somewhere between 21 and 30, I would tell them to hike up and watch somewhere right from the middle of the crowd, drinking a few beers. If they were over 30, I’d tell them to watch a little bit further back in the finish area, so they would not be so entrenched in all that. If they were over 40, I’d tell them to go to the top and watch from the Mausefalle.’

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