The Rocky Mountain Masters awarded four junior ski racers with funds to help out their training and racing careers recently.

With a fund raising effort that garnered financial support from sponsors that include Descente, Tecnica, Blizzard, Fuxi Racing, Boosterstrap and PC Conferencing, the Masters group was able to provide $500 awards to Conor McDonald of Team Summit, Kevin Hartmann or Aspen Valley SC, Kaytlyn Samuelson and Celine Guilmineau of Ski Club Vail.

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Hank McKee
Senior Editor
The veteran of the staff, McKee started with Ski Racing in 1980. Over the seasons he has covered virtually every aspect of the sport, from the pro tours to junior racing, freestyle and World Cup alpine competition. He has written the first national stories for many U.S. team stars, and was still around to report on their retirements. “Longevity has its rewards,” he says, “but it’s a slow process.”
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