Hailing from just north of Kvitfjell in Vinstra, Norway, hometown favorite Kjetil Jansrud notched another World Cup win on Sunday, taking the super G with a time of 1:32.72 seconds. Austria’s Vincent Kreichmayr finished in second, just 0.17 seconds behind and Italy’s Dominik Paris landed his second podium in as many days, finishing third, 0.32 seconds back.

In contrast to Saturday’s sunshine, overcast skies greeted the racers on Sunday in Kvitfjell with flat light making for some tricky conditions on course as racing got underway. Jansrud dominated the middle section of the course, building on his lead before losing some time heading into the finish where he crossed the line ahead of Kreichmayr, who had set an impressive pace just two racers earlier.

Kvitfjell is a special place for the Norwegian, as he grew up skiing on the slopes and calls it home when he’s not circling the globe on the World Cup tour. Sunday’s win is Jansrud’s fifth at the venue, having won the super G four times and the downhill once.

“A little frustrating yesterday, but still, it’s part of the game,” Jansrud explained. “I skied good yesterday, didn’t quite make it as fast as I wanted and today, for sure, it’s kind of the other way around. I felt like I skied just a decent run and no big mistakes, I didn’t really risk that much compared to the other guys who probably risked too much and had mistakes. I skied according to plan and it’s also good for confidence that you can win with such a run.”

“I don’t know if they expect it in Norway that I’m going to win Kvitfjell, but it kind of felt that way,” he added. “It’s good to deliver. It’s where I grew up. I feel like I have an advantage and obviously, if there’s a race I want to win, then definitely, I want to win here.”

Sunday’s result was Kreichmayr’s second podium appearance of the season and third of his career. He also earned his maiden podium at last season’s Kvitfjell super G, taking third. Bettering that performance by one place this year, the young Austrian now sits in third in the super G standing heading into finals.

“I like to come back to Kvitfjell, I really like this hill,” Kreichmayr said. “Two years ago, I had my first top 10 here and last year my first World Cup podium. It was my goal to be among the fastest racers in super G, but the globe was not a concrete goal. It’s going to be exciting in St. Moritz.”

It was Paris’ second podium of the weekend after winning yesterday’s downhill, and the big Italian hopes to carry this momentum into World Cup finals next week.

“I’m feeling much better,” said Paris. “I had to struggle in super G, so to finish the season in this way really makes me happy. I don’t think I can go for the globe, but it would be great to have another strong run at the finals. This slope suits me, I like it in Norway. I scored my first points in super G here, so I have good memories here.”

Jansrud’s compatriot, Aleksander Aamodt Kilde, finished in fourth place at 0.47 seconds back but jumped into the lead in the super G standings. Kilde now sits 37 points clear of his nearest active competitor (Aksel Lund Svindal is now second at 25 points back) heading into the final super G of the season in St. Moritz.

Andrew Weibrecht led the way for the Americans in fifth, 0.68 seconds back. Travis Ganong was 14th and Steven Nyman was 17th. Weibrecht now sits in fifth in the super G standings and still has a mathematical chance at the globe.

“As far as the globe, that’s kind of out of my mind at this point,” Weibrecht explained. “I’m just trying to ski well. I hurt my back in Korea, so I’m just getting back to this point where I feel like I can charge again and make good moves. Today was a big step, just to be back in the top five. I had a tough couple of weeks, so I just want to continue on building from these races here and just finish it off nice.”

It was also Marco Sullivan’s final World Cup race, and although he finished outside of the points in 36th, his teammates gave him a hero’s welcome in the finish, dousing him in champagne. Donning the now famous American Downhiller jean jacket, Sullivan waved an American flag as he exited a World Cup finish corral for the last time.

KVITFJELL,NORWAY,13.MAR.16 - ALPINE SKIING - FIS World Cup, Super G, men. Image shows Marco Sullivan (USA). Photo: GEPA pictures/ Christopher Kelemen

“Marco is a guy that when I was first on the ski team, he was the guy we were all watching and paying attention to,” added Weibrecht. “He’s been a huge influence on my skiing, he’s been a huge mentor to me. It’s too bad to see him go, but it’s his time. We all wish him the best in what he’s going to do next and we’re sad to see him leave.”

The men’s tour now heads to St. Moritz, Switzerland, for World Cup finals. The men will race all events except for alpine combined, and crystal globes will be awarded to discipline and overall champions March 14-20.

The Scoop
by Hank McKee

1. Jansrud, Head/Head/Head
2. Kriechmayr, Fischer/Fischer/Fischer
3. Paris, Nordica/Nordica/Marker
4. Kilde, Atomic/Atomic/Atomic
5. Weibrecht, Head/Head/Head
6. Feuz, Head/Head/Head
7. Janka, Rossignol/Rossignol/Rossignol
8. Guay, Head/Head/Head
8. Fill, Atomic/Atomic/Atomic
10. Sander, Atomic/Atomic/Atomic

  • Men’s World Cup super G, Kvitfjell, Norway, March 13, 2016. … It is the 40th of 45 races on the men’s schedule. … The seventh of eight scheduled super Gs. … It is the 61st World Cup race hosted by Kvitfjell. … The 24th super G. … Kjetil Jansrud is the defending champion and has won this race three times in the last four seasons.
  • Four of the top five finishers are identical to last season with first, second and fifth matching. … It is the 14th career World Cup win for Kjetil Jansrud. … His sixth in super G and his fourth in super G at Kvitfjell. … The winning margin is 0.17 of a second. … Top 12 are within the same second. … Top 29 within two seconds. … It is his third win of the season but first in SG.
  • It is the third career World Cup podium for Vincent Kriechmayr, all in SG. … It is the second straight season he has finished second to Jansrud in super G at Kvitfjell.
  • It is the 15th career cup podium for Dominik Paris, his fourth in SG. … It is his fifth podium of the season, all coming since Feb. 6.
  • Andrew Weibrecht matches his third best career finish and matches his previous best finish at Kvitfjell, also in SG, from last season. … It is the ninth best of 22 finsihed races at Kvitfjell for Erik Guay. … It is the sixth best career World Cup SG result for Travis Ganong. … Steven Nyman matches his fourth best career World Cup SG finish. … Manuel Osborne-Paradis matches his 17th best career World Cup SG result.
  • Marcel Hirscher (did not race) leads the World Cup overall standings 1625-1272 over Henrik Kristoffersen (did not race). … Alexis Pinturault (did not race) is third with 1080. … Jansrud passes the absent Aksel Lund Svindal for fourth place.
  • Kilde (fourth in race) leads the super G standings 335-310 over Svindal. … Kriechmayr is third with 298pts. … Weibrecht is fifth with 244pts and remains in contention for the crown.
  • Austria leads the men’s Nations Cup standings 5275-5010 over France. … Norway is third with 4435pts. … The U.S. is seventh at 1974 and Canada ninth at 636pts.

Official Results

Rank Bib FIS Code Name Year Nation Total Time Diff. FIS Points
 1  20  421483 JANSRUD Kjetil 1985 NOR  1:32.71  0.00
 2  18  53980 KRIECHMAYR Vincent 1991 AUT  1:32.88  +0.17  1.98
 3  19  291459 PARIS Dominik 1989 ITA  1:33.03  +0.32  3.73
 4  21  422139 KILDE Aleksander Aamodt 1992 NOR  1:33.18  +0.47  5.48
 5  22  530939 WEIBRECHT Andrew 1986 USA  1:33.39  +0.68  7.92
 6  24  511383 FEUZ Beat 1987 SUI  1:33.51  +0.80  9.32
 7  16  511313 JANKA Carlo 1986 SUI  1:33.57  +0.86  10.02
 8  30  102263 GUAY Erik 1981 CAN  1:33.61  +0.90  10.48
 8  15  292455 FILL Peter 1982 ITA  1:33.61  +0.90  10.48
 10  6  200379 SANDER Andreas 1989 GER  1:33.67  +0.96  11.18
 11  12  192746 THEAUX Adrien 1984 FRA  1:33.68  +0.97  11.30
 12  7  511981 WEBER Ralph 1993 SUI  1:33.70  +0.99  11.53
 13  17  50742 REICHELT Hannes 1980 AUT  1:33.78  +1.07  12.46
 14  14  530874 GANONG Travis 1988 USA  1:33.79  +1.08  12.58
 15  10  293006 INNERHOFER Christof 1984 ITA  1:33.85  +1.14  13.28
 16  27  202196 BRANDNER Klaus 1990 GER  1:33.91  +1.20  13.98
 17  26  533866 NYMAN Steven 1982 USA  1:33.92  +1.21  14.10
 18  33  422310 SEJERSTED Adrian Smiseth 1994 NOR  1:33.95  +1.24  14.45
 19  11  51215 BAUMANN Romed 1986 AUT  1:34.06  +1.35  15.73
 20  5  102899 OSBORNE-PARADIS Manuel 1984 CAN  1:34.21  +1.50  17.47
 21  9  990081 CASSE Mattia 1990 ITA  1:34.36  +1.65  19.22
 22  25  511638 TUMLER Thomas 1989 SUI  1:34.38  +1.67  19.45
 23  23  194298 GIEZENDANNER Blaise 1991 FRA  1:34.41  +1.70  19.80
 24  34  511529 GISIN Marc 1988 SUI  1:34.42  +1.71  19.92
 25  29  54005 STRIEDINGER Otmar 1991 AUT  1:34.45  +1.74  20.27
 26  13  561216 KLINE Bostjan 1991 SLO  1:34.47  +1.76  20.50
 27  37  561255 CATER Martin 1992 SLO  1:34.51  +1.80  20.97
 28  2  561217 KOSI Klemen 1991 SLO  1:34.54  +1.83  21.32
 29  38  50753 KROELL Klaus 1980 AUT  1:34.70  +1.99  23.18
 30  4  192504 MERMILLOD BLONDIN Thomas 1984 FRA  1:34.83  +2.12  24.70
 31  44  294277 KLOTZ Siegmar 1987 ITA  1:34.86  +2.15  25.05
 32  35  6291029 BATTILANI Henri 1994 ITA  1:34.88  +2.17  25.28
 33  36  202535 DRESSEN Thomas 1993 GER  1:34.94  +2.23  25.98
 34  31  511808 SCHMED Fernando 1991 SUI  1:35.12  +2.41  28.07
 35  32  422120 SAUGESTAD Stian 1992 NOR  1:35.29  +2.58  30.06
 36  43  533131 SULLIVAN Marco 1980 USA  1:35.49  +2.78  32.38
 37  42  292514 HEEL Werner 1982 ITA  1:35.66  +2.95  34.37
 38  46  110324 VON APPEN Henrik 1994 CHI  1:35.73  +3.02  35.18
 39  45  511852 CAVIEZEL Gino 1992 SUI  1:35.86  +3.15  36.70
 40  41  191964 POISSON David 1982 FRA  1:36.19  +3.48  40.54
 41  48  380341 ULLRICH Max 1994 CRO  1:36.27  +3.56  41.47
Did not start 1st run
 1  191740 CLAREY Johan 1981 FRA
Did not finish 1st run
 47  170131 FAARUP Christoffer 1992 DAN
 40  194542 GIRAUD MOINE Valentin 1992 FRA
 39  561067 PERKO Rok 1985 SLO
 28  531452 BIESEMEYER Thomas 1989 USA
 8  53817 FRANZ Max 1989 AUT
 3  53933 SCHWEIGER Patrick 1990 AUT
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