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Jan Hudec of Canada injured in Val d'Isere downhill

Jan Hudec of Canada injured in Val d’Isere downhillJan Hudec is expected to fly back to Canada in the next couple of days after injuring his knee during a men’s World Cup downhill at the classic French resort of Val d’Isere. Hudec wrenched his right knee after coming off a jump and landing on a flat section lower in the course. He was able to get to the bottom of the hill on his own, but skied down on one leg, visibly in pain.

Hudec underwent X-rays in France, which showed “no bones are broken,” said Burkhard Schaffer, the men’s head coach. However, more tests are needed to determine if the meniscus or ligaments have been affected.

The injury could end up being a severe disappointment for Hudec, who was forced out of action last season after tearing the ligaments of the same knee in a NorAm super G in Beaver Creek. “It doesn’t look so good for his season but we can’t be sure,” Schaffer said cautiously. “Sometimes it’s a little thing that hurts a lot. Sometimes it’s a big thing. It’s impossible to know at this stage. “He needs to be checked out by a specialist.”

Team officials have yet to decide where exactly Hudec will be sent for tests. “Sooner or later hard work pays off,” Schaffer said. “Sometimes it’s earlier and sometimes it’s later. But Jan works hard and he has the talent that’s needed to succeed.”

The injury comes as a heavy blow to the Canadian team, which has already lost Julien Cousineau and Vincent Lavoie to injury.

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