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Italy announces 2014-15 alpine team and staff

Christof Innerhofer racing in Kvitfjell, Norway last season. GEPA/Harald Steiner

Christof Innerhofer racing in Kvitfjell, Norway last season. GEPA/Harald Steiner

The Italian Federal Council, meeting in Milan, ratified the appointment of team managers to oversee the various alpine teams for the 2014-15 season. Two-year contracts were offered for coaches, and they will be renewable for an additional two years following review. Work will continue in the coming days with the design of the organizational charts of the remaining disciplines and the youth teams.

Women’s World Cup: Federica Brignone, Elena Fanchini, Nadia Fanchini, Daniela Merighetti, Verena Stuffer

Women’s Group A: Chiara Costazza, Francesca Marsaglia, Manuela Moelgg, Irene Curtoni

Women’s National Interest: Johanna Schnarf, Camilla Borsotti, Sabrina Fanchini

Staff: Athletic Director – Massimo Rinaldi, Head Coach – Livio Magoni, Head Coach – Alberto Ghezze

Women’s Group B: Nicole Agnelli, Michela Azzola, Marta Bassino, Elena Curtoni, Sofia Goggia, Verena Gasslitter, Roberta Melesi, Federica Sosio, Karoline Pichler, Valentina Cillara Rossi, Nicole Delago

Staff: Head Coach – Roberto Lorenzi

Men’s World Cup Group: Peter Fill, Stefano Gross, Roberto Nani, Christof Innerhofer, Patrick Thaler, Manfred Moelgg, Dominik Paris, Luca De Aliprandini

Men’s Group A: Massimiliano Blardone, Werner Heel, Matteo Marsaglia, Giuliano Razzoli, Silvano Varettoni, Davide Simoncelli

Men’s National Interest: Cristian Deville, Siegmar Klotz, Riccardo Tonetti

Staff: Athletic Director – Massimo Rinaldi, Head Athletics – Roberto Manzoni, Head Coach – Raimund Plancker, Head Coach – Giovanni Rulfi

Men’s Group B: Giovanni Borsotti, Mattia Casse, Giordano Ronci, Alex Zingerle, Emanuele Buzzi, Henry Battilani, Matteo De Vettori, Luca Riorda, Fabian Bacher, Francesco Romano, Rocco Del Sante

Staff: Head Coach – Alexander Prosch

Release courtesy of FISI

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