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Garmisch jumping: Janda wins second leg of Four Hills

Garmisch jumping: Janda wins second leg of Four Hills{mosimage}GARMISCH-PARTENKIRCHEN, Germany – Jakub Janda of the Czech Republic won the second leg of the annual ski jumping Four Hills tour for his fifth World Cup victory of the season.

Janda tied with Finland’s Janne Ahonen with a total 226.5 meters over two leaps but was awarded more points for his control in the air and smooth landings.

Janda had 264.7 points, 2.5 more than defending champion Ahonen. Finland’s Matti Hautamaki was third at 260.3.

Ahonen won the Four Hills opener at Oberstdorf and has 533.1 points overall, while Janda has 527.3. The competition is ski jumping’s most prestigious outside the Olympics or World Championships.

”We still have two events left, so the standings could look different then,” Janda said. ”It was a great experience to win here.”

Janda is trying to become the first Czech winner of the Four Hills in more than 30 years. He leads Ahonen in the battle for the overall World Cup title.

Ahonen recorded 124.0 meters on his second leap despite worsening conditions to catch Janda, the leader after a first jump and day’s best of 125.0.

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Ski jumping results
GARMISCH-PARTENKIRCHEN, Germany – Results Sunday from the second leg of the ski jumping Four Hills Tour:

1. Jakub Janda, Czech Republic, 264.7 points (125.0 meters-121.5 meters).
2. Janne Ahonen, Finland, 262.2 (122.5-124.0).
3. Matti Hautamaki, Finland, 260.3 (123.0-120.5).
4. Andreas Kuettel, Switzerland, 259.8 (122.5-121.0).
5. Roar Ljokelsoy, Norway, 249.8 (120.0-118.5).
6. Andreas Kofler, Austria, 248.9 (124.5-116.0).
7. Michael Uhrmann, Germany, 246.6 (122.0-117.5).
8. Simon Ammann, Switzerland, 242.9 (120.5-117.5).
9. Georg Spaeth, Germany, 240.8 (117.0-119.0).
10. Takanobu Okabe, Japan, 238.6 (116.5-118.0).

Four Hills Tour
(After 2 of 4 events)

1. Janne Ahonen, Finland, 533.1 points.
2. Jakub Janda, Czech Republic, 527.3.
3. Matti Hautamaki, Finland, 518.3.
4. Roar Ljokelsoy, Norway, 518.2.
5. Takanobu Okabe, Japan, 499.4.

World Cup standings
(After 9 of 22 events)

1. Jakub Janda, Czech Republic, 712 points..
2. Janne Ahonen, Finland, 615.
3. Andreas Kuettel, Swizerland, 491.
4. Michael Uhrmann, Germany, 432.
5. Roar Ljokelsoy, Norway, 305.
6. Andreas Widhoelzl, Austria, 294.
7. Adam Malysz, Poland, 270.

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