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Gallivare: Germany, Norway win mixed relays

GALLIVARE, Sweden — Germany won the men’s 4×10-kilometer mixed-style relay Sunday and Norway led from start to finish to win the women’s 4×5 km event at a World Cup cross-country ski meet.

GALLIVARE, Sweden — Germany won the men’s 4×10-kilometer mixed-style relay Sunday and Norway led from start to finish to win the women’s 4×5 km event at a World Cup cross-country ski meet.
    Tobias Angerer, the defending individual World Cup champion, made the decisive break for Germany on the third leg, when skiers switched to the freestyle technique. The German quartet clocked 1 hour, 30 minutes, 35.9 seconds. Jens Filbrich and Franz Goring skied the first two classic style legs, while Axel Teichmann was anchor.
    Russia finished second in 1:31.00.5 and the Czech Republic third with 1:31.13.2.
    Biathlete star Ole Einar Bjoerndalen, who won the individual 15 km Saturday, was nearly a minute behind when he took over on the third leg for Norway. But he was only 6.4 seconds behind third place at the finish as Norway finished fourth.
    Marit Bjoergen, who won the women’s overall title last season, had a dominant anchor leg for Norway, which won in 50:44.9.
    Vibeke Skofterud, Hilde Gjermundshaug Pedersen — at age 42 the oldest world-class cross-country skier — and Kristin Stormer Steira skied the first three legs for Norway.
    Germany was second in 50:54.2 and Finland third with 51:11.7.
    The top three teams went into the last changeover less than a second apart. Bjoergen then made her winning move on a steep uphill stretch.

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World Cup cross-country results

GALLIVARE, Sweden — Results Sunday from a World Cup cross-country ski meet:

4×10-kilometer mixed-style relay
Classic and freestyle

1. Germany (Jens Filbrich, Franz Goring, Tobias Angerer, Axel Teichmann) 1 hour, 30 minutes, 35.9 seconds.
2. Russia (Nikolai Pankratov, Vassili Rotchev, Aleksander Legkov, Evgeny Dementiyev) 1:31:00.5.
3. Czech Republic (Martin Koukal, Lukas Bauer, Jiri Magal, Milan Sperl) 1:31.13.2.
4. Norway, 1:31.19.6.
5. France, 1:31.37.3.
6. Germany B, 1:32.00.5.
7. Kazakhstan 1:32.04.7.
8. Sweden, 1:32.24.1.
9. Finland, 1:32.36.3.
10. Italy, 1:32.53.6.
11. Norway B, 1:33.06.0.
12. Austria, 1:33.18.4.
13. Switzerland, 1:33.19.3.
14. Russia B, 1:34.33.8.
15. Sweden D, 1:34.37.6.
16. Japan, 1:34.42.1.
17. Italy B, 1:35.07.0.
18. United States, 1:35.45.2.
19. Czech Republic-Slovakia, 1:36.20.7.
20. Sweden B, 1:36.57.9.
21. Estonia, 1:37.17.8.
22. Sweden C, 1:37.23.2.
23. Canada-Sweden, 1:39.07.8.
24. China-United States, 1:39.08.2.
25. China, 1:41.39.0.

4×5-kilometer mixed-style relay
Classic and freestyle

1. Norway (Vibeke Skofterud, Hilde Gjermundshaug Pedersen, Kristin Stormer Steira, Marit Bjorgen) 50 minutes, 44.9 seconds.
2. Germany (Manuela Henkel, Katrin Zeller, Evi Sachenbacher-Stehle, Claudia Kunzel) 50:54.2.
3. Finland (Kirsi Valima, Virpi Kuitunen, Ritta Liisa Roponen, Aino Kaisa Saarinen) 51:11.7.
4. Czech Republic, 51:26.0.
5. Russia, 51:36.7.
6. Italy, 51:38.5.
7. Russia B, 51:48.2.
8. Sweden, 52:04.3.
9. Germany B, 52:17.9.
10. Kazakhstan, 52:29.8.
11. Switzerland, 53:04.6..
12. France-Italy, 53:13.8.
13. Norway-Sweden, 52:30.4.
14. Japan, 53:22.7.
15. Ukraine, 53:23.0.
16. Russia-Lithuania, 53:42.9.
17. Sweden B, 53:47.2.
18. Estonia, 54:18.8.
19. Canada-United States, 54:24.4.
20. Sweden C, 54:31.8.

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