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French sweep men's podium in freestyle World Cup halfpipe

French sweep men's podium in freestyle World Cup halfpipe{mosimage}USSA — Dominating the inaugural World Cup skier halfpipe, France filled eight of the top-10 men's positions including a sweep of the podium, while the French women nabbed first and third of eight starters.

The men's winner was Mathais Wecsteen with 82.2 points followed by Vincent Estorc and Amaud Rougier, each with 80 points. Estorc won on tiebreaker for a better average between the five international judges. Marie Martinod commanded the women's event with 83 points, a full 8.4 points ahead of Virginie Faivre of Switzerland. Marie Andrieux was third with 66 points.

The American team sent 18 men and four women, and Mary Claire Waryas posted 58.4 points for the best American finish, in fourth, followed by teammate Ali VanDorn in fifth. JP Solberg had the best U.S. men's finish in eighth.

Freestyle action continues Sunday with the first skiercross World Cup. Former alpine racers Zach and Reggie Crist are the sole starters for the Americans. The pair are the first siblings to win X Games titles.

FIS Freestyle World Cup
Saas-Fee, SUI, November 22
Men's Halfpipe Final

1. Mathias Wecsteen, France, 82.2
2. Vincent Estorc, France, 80
3. Amaud Rougier, France, 80
4. Laurent Favre, France, 79.2
5. Corey Vanular, Canada, 74.6
U.S. riders:
8. JP Solberg, Campton, NH, 61.1
13. Daniel Marion, Windham, ME, 65.8
17. Shawn Sullivan, Reno, NV, 59
20. Johnathon Marks, Boise, ID, 54
27. Marc Hilly, Los Gatos, CA, 47.9
31. Robert Walter, Layfayette. CA, 43.6
37. Stefan Thomas, Park City, UT, 37.5
37. Alex Dillard, Salisbury, NC, 37.5
40. Tim Maney, Heartland, VT, 37.3
44. Tim Dutton, Tahoe City, CA, 35
45. Sean Collin, Olympic Valley, CA, 34.7
55. Erik Johnson, Richmond, VA, 19.9
58. Luke Allan, 12.8

Women's Halfpipe Final
1. Marie Martinod, France, 83
2. Virginie, Favre, Switzerland, 74.6
3. Marie Andrieux, France, 66
4. Mary Claire Wayras, Burlington, VT, 58.4
5. Ali VanDorn, Salt Lake City, UT, 53.1
U.S. riders:
7. Jennifer Hudak, Hamden, CT, 44.5
8. Martina Thomas, Park City, UT, 30.4

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