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Four Hills: Schlierenzauer best in jumping

Gregor Schlierenzauer, the 16-year-old Austrian, had Saturday's best jumps to win first event of ski jumping's Four Hills tournament.

OBERTSTDORF, Germany — Gregor Schlierenzauer, the 16-year-old Austrian, had Saturday's best jumps to win first event of ski jumping's Four Hills tournament.
    Schlierenzauer's third World Cup win gave him the lead in the sport's most prestigious tournament with 296.0 points — 9.5 more than Andreas Kuettel of Switzerland. Poland's Adam Malysz was third at 280.3.
    Making his Four Hills debut, the teenager recorded 135.5 meters in near-perfect conditions for first place after the first jump. He jumped last on the second with a leap of 142.0 meters, just 1.5 short of the hill record, and 20,000 spectators broke into wild cheers.
    ''It's certainly the best day of my life so far,'' Schlierenzauer said. ''I tried to stay relaxed for the second jump, but I felt a lot of pressure — but it turned out good.''
    The Austrian took the lead in the World Cup standings after six of 24 events with 410 points. Switzerland's Simon Ammann, the double gold medalist from the Salt Lake City Olympics, is second at 405 with Anders Jacobsen of Norway third at 396.
    Schlierenzauer, the nephew of former luge world champion Markus Prock, is now the favorite to win the overall World Cup title in his first year on the circuit.
    ''I try to stay cool and collected,'' he said. ''But all these spectators and media, you can feel the expectations.''
    The next Four Hills stop is at Garmisch-Partenkirchen on New Year's Day.

World Cup ski jumping results
OBERSTDORF, Germany — Results Saturday from a World Cup ski-jumping meet and the first stop of the Four Hills tournament (jump distances in parantheses):
1. Gregor Schlierenzauer, Austria, 296.0 points (135.5 meters-142.0).
2. Andreas Kuettel, Switzerland, 286.5 (133.5-136.5).
3. Adam Malysz, Poland, 280.3 (132.0-134.0).
4. Anders Jacobsen, Norway, 279.7 (131.5-135.0).
5. Simon Ammann, Switzerland, 276.9 (135.0-133.0).
6. Arttu Lappi, Finland, 276.3 (131.0-135.0).
7. Janne Ahonen, Finland, 274.8 (132.5-131.0).
8. Martin Koch, Austria, 270.6 (135.0-129.5).
9. Anders Bardal, Norway, 267.1 (130.0-129.5).
10. Thomas Morgenstern, Austria, 265.2 (130.5-128.5).
11. Andreas Kofler, Austria, 255.3 (128.5-125.0).
12. Joerg Ritzerfeld, Germany, 254.7 (129.5-124.5).
13. Martin Hoellwarth, Austria, 254.4 (127.5-125.5).
14. Wolfgang Loitzl, Austria, 251.8 (126.5-124.5).
15. Michael Uhrmann, Germany, 249.3 (128.5-122.5).
16. Roar Ljokelsoy, Norway, 246.2 (128.0-121.0).
17. Harri Olli, Finland, 243.3 (126.5-122.0).
18. Martin Schmitt, Germany, 241.4 (126.0-122.0).
19. Matti Hautamaki, Finland, 239.7 (126.5-120.0).
20. Denis Kornilov, Russia, 236.5 (125.0-120.0).

World Cup standings (after 6 of 24 events)
1. Gregor Schlierenzauer, Austria, 410 points.
2. Simon Ammann, Switzerland, 405.
3. Anders Jacobsen, Norway, 396.
4. Andreas Kuettel, Switzerland, 286.
5. Adam Malysz, Poland, 236.
6. Arttu Lappi, Finland, 213.
7. Thomas Morgenstern, Austria, 179.
8. Wolfgang Loitzl, Austria, 158.
9. Martin Koch, Austria, 142.10.
10. Janne Ahonen, Finland, 140.

Four Hill standings (after 1 of 4 events)
1. Gregor Schlierenzauer, Austria, 296.0 points.
2. Andreas Kuettel, Switzerland, 286.5.
3. Adam Malysz, Poland, 280.3.
4. Anders Jacobsen, Norway, 279.7.
5. Simon Ammann, Switzerland, 276.9.
6. Arttu Lappi, Finland, 276.3.
7. Janne Ahonen, Finland, 274.8.
8. Martin Koch, Austria, 270.6.



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