Today (May 9) marks 1,000 days to go until the world returns to Vail and Beaver Creek for the 2015 FIS Alpine World Ski Championships, February 3-15. In celebration the event’s Organizing Committee has provided the Vail Valley community with its charge. The State of Colorado, the United States and the world also have their directive:  “Dream It. Live It. Share It”.
     “It” refers to the 2015 World Championships and the organizers want the world to know this will be much more than just two weeks of ski racing. These Championships will be a many-faceted celebration of not only skiing, but an event and a feeling that can and will mean a world of different things on different levels to everyone that is touched by “It”.
     While the World Championships are nearly three years away, organizers felt the need to identify a central tagline and theme to guide much of the planning, preparation and look of these World Championships. The committee wanted a tag that included strong action words that both invited and challenged people to make these Championships their own in whatever way they choose.
     “If you stop to think about it,” explained Ceil Folz, president of the Vail Valley Foundation and the 2015 World Championships Organizing Committee, “Dream, Live and Share can take on a myriad of different meanings when it comes to the World Championships.  A young skier in Nepal can dream about having the chance to race in the Championships, just as Lindsey Vonn can dream about winning a medal here.”
     “At the other end of the spectrum,” Folz continued, “a child that has never had the opportunity to experience skiing or snowboarding can also have that dream come true through the Championships.”
     While the members of the Organizing Committee will obviously live these Championships for the coming years leading up to 2015, the international skiing community will also participate in the buildup to the World Championships, watching it grow and evolve in both scope and scale. As for the sharing piece of the equation, that too will come in many shapes and forms.
     “We intend for 2015 to be a very accessible World Championships,” added Chris Jarnot, Senior Vice President and CEO of Vail and Beaver Creek, and chairman of the 2015 Marketing Committee. “The public and the athletes will have a great many opportunities to live the Championships while they are here, but we also want skiers from around the world, the U.S. and Colorado to not only come to the event, but to also participate in it and enjoy it.
     “We will also all share this event in many different ways,” concluded Jarnot.  “That may mean sharing the excitement and spirit with others or sharing it via social media vehicles with people that are not in Vail and Beaver Creek. There are countless ways that the three words of the tagline can apply and have meaning to each and every individual.”
     So, as the clock continues its relentless 1000-day march toward February 3, 2015…”Let the “Dream” begin.
     For additional information on the 2015 FIS Alpine World Ski Championships, visit

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Hank McKee
Senior Editor
In memoriam: The veteran of the staff, McKee started with Ski Racing in 1980. Over the seasons, he covered virtually every aspect of the sport, from the pro tours to junior racing, freestyle and World Cup alpine competition. He wrote the first national stories for many U.S. team stars, and was still around to report on their retirements. “Longevity has its rewards,” he said, “but it’s a slow process.”

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