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Daron Rahlves and Bode Miller announce their Super Bowl hopes

Daron Rahlves and Bode Miller announce their Super Bowl hopes{mosimage}”Jerome Bettis is the best, the guy is a bad ass, he knocks everyone down, it’ll be fun to watch him knock a few guys down on the Seahawks team. Scott Macartney is from Seattle and he’s a big fan of the Seahawks, but me I want to see a big game. I want to see some big hits, good runs and that’s about it. My team, the 49ers, have been sucking the last couple of years. I’m more of an individual sports kind of guy. I like skiing, motocross, stuff like that, surfing, not so much the team sports.”
– Daron Rahlves

“None of us are really die-hard football fans. I don’t like the seagulls, so I’m going to go with Pittsburgh. Either one. My team is the Patriots and they’re out.”
– Bode Miller

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