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CBS promo writer defends Bode Miller press release

CBS promo writer defends Bode Miller press release{mosimage}The CBS employee who wrote the press release promoting Bode Miller’s appearance on that network’s flagship news program ’60 Minutes’ defended the release on Monday, the day after the Miller segment aired.
‘[We had] the same goal as any press release, to get people to watch the program’ said Kevin Tedesco, reached by phone at his office in New York. ‘The press release is intended to get people to watch the show.
Miller and his agent, Lowell Taub, have said that the CBS release was inappropriate and that it did not reflect Miller’s interview in letter or spirit. Taub said it was sensationalistic.
The ’60 Minutes’ profile aired on Sunday night, and according to the producer, the segment has been getting rave reviews.
‘We have been receiving e-mail from viewers who have not been ski fans, have not heard of Bode, and thought he was an interesting, fascinating guy, and they say ‘Hey, now I’m going to be watching skiing,’ ‘ said Cathy Olian, the producer.
The segment was largely about Miller’s upbringing and his skiing, but the press release that was sent to news outlets on Jan. 5 carried the title, in capitalized letters, ‘World Cup Ski Champ Admits to Being Drunk on the Slopes’ an apparent reference to an anecdote Miller told at the end of the program.
‘We treated Mr. Miller no different than anyone who comes on ’60 Minutes,'” said Tedesco. ‘If they’re asked a question and it makes news, that’s what we put in the press releases.

“It is what it is. It’s reflecting what he said. He used the word ‘wasted.'”

On Monday, USSA CEO Bill Marolt called Miller’s words ‘unacceptable’ and promised to speak with Miller this week in Switzerland.

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