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Beijing: Xu, Xin lead women's aerials; Dashinski paces men

Beijing: Xu, Xin lead women’s aerials; Dashinski paces men{mosimage}BEIJING, China – Xu Nannan and Zhang Xin gave China a 1-2 finish in women’s aerials Sunday while Dmitri Dashinski of Belarus topped the men’s section in China’s northeastern city of Changchun.

Xu won the women’s section with a score of 189.46, edging out compatriot Zhang, who scored 187.53. Third place went to Veronika Bauer of Canada, with 180.60.

In the men’s event, Dashinski scored 243.59 points, besting Canada’s Kyle Nissen’s 242.48. Nissen’s countryman Steve Omischl came in third with 242.04.

After 11 events, Nissen leads the World Cup standings with 260 points, ahead of Ryan St. Onge of the United States and Daskinki.
In the women’s aerials, Xu leads the pack with 238 points, followed by her compatriot Li Nina and Alla Tsuper of Belarus.

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World Cup aerials results

1. Dmitri Dashinski, Belarus, 243.59 points.
2. Kyle Nissen, Canada, 242.48.
3. Steve Omischl, Canada, 242.04.
4. Han Xiaopeng, China, 241.81.
5. Alexei Grishin, Belarus, 235.57.
6. Renato Ulrich, Switzerland, 218.72.

1. Xu Nannan, China, 189.46 points.
2. Zhang Xin, China, 187.53.
3. Veronika Bauer, Canada, 180.60.
4. Evelyne Leu, Switzerland, 175.22.
5. Manuela Mueller, Switzerland, 170.25.
6. Zhao Shanshan, China, 168.17.

Men’s World Cup aerials standings
(After 4 of 11 events)

1. Kyle Nissen, Canada, 260 points.
2. Ryan St. Onge, United States, 183.
3. Dmitri Dashinski, Belarus, 180.
4. Warren Shouldice, Canada, 175.
5. Jeret Peterson, United States, 173.

Women’s World Cup aerials standings
(After 4 of 11 events)

1. Xu Nannan, China, 238 points.
2. Li Nina, China, 200.
3. Alla Tsuper, Belarus, 172.
4. Assoli Slivets, Belarus, 150.
5. Cheng Shuang, China, 148.

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