Introducing On the Fly with Freestyle Aerialist, Emily Cook

In Ski Racing’s latest blog, On the Fly, Freestyle aerialist Emily Cook will provide an inside look into the intense training and competition life of U.S. Freestyle Ski Team athletes as she travels the globe with her teammates. Just a week ago, each of the 144 steps to the top of the water ramps at […]


Famed "El Grillo" Celebrates His 60th Birthday

Nifty, nifty “El Grillo” is sixty. If you were born in the 1950′s as many of us were—the baby boomers following WWII, and you loved cross-country skiing you could not have helped but to come of age during the ski rein of the part-time fireman and tough-as-nails racing of Maurillio De Zolt. I would be […]


The World Cup According to Grande: Oakley Returns to the USST Pool

The Return of Oakley. Most of us don’t pay attention to seemingly small things like a company joining the USST Equipment Pool. It means that we likely missed one of the most important returns in a long time, the return of Oakley. Why is this worthy of my time? Why is the return of one […]


Olympic Champ Bergoust Named U.S. Aerials Coach

The next generation of U.S. Ski Team aerialists will get to learn from the best. Olympic gold medalist Eric Bergoust was named Freestyle Elite Aerials Assistant Coach, bringing ample amounts of experience as a coach and an elite athlete to the Team, having competed as an aerialist on the U.S. Freestyle Ski Team for well […]


NCAA Ski Racing Facing New Highs and Lows

The NCAA Division I ski racing circuit has evolved dramatically over the last ten to fifteen years. The level of competition is now so high that the few respective team spots, roughly six to eight on each of the twenty Division I programs, are highly sought after.  With only a few scholarships available on each […]


Inside the Ski Racing Mind: Strive for Excellence, Not Perfection

Perfectionism is one of the most destructive diseases among American children today. Perfectionism is a double-edged sword. One edge of the sword drives young racers to be perfect. These children push themselves to win races, qualify for the next level of competition, and set extremely high goals for themselves. The other edge of the sword […]


Italian Ski Racing Legend Erwin Stricker dies at 60

Italy’s former champion Erwin Stricker, also nicknamed ‘Crazy Horse’ (‘Cavallo Pazzo’) by his numerous fans and business partners, died on Tuesday morning (Sept. 28) after undergoing brain surgery at Bolzano, in Alto Adige (South Tyrol). The 60-year-old father of two apparently endured a brain tumor that was only discovered recently during a doctor’s check-up. He […]


Ski Racing Launches iPhone App

Ski Racing is pleased to announce the launch of the Ski Racing iPhone app. The free app, which features the latest full-length stories, results from around the sport, fresh videos and more, hit the Apple iTunes app store Sept. 26. Click here to read more and download the app from the iTunes store. Android, Blackberry […]


The Vermont Ski Museum to present the Paul Robbins Ski Journalism Award to Ski Racing's Hank McKee

The Vermont Ski Museum will recognize long time ski writer Hank McKee with the Paul Robbins Ski Journalism Award on October 24, 2010 at its Annual Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. McKee grew up in Fredonia, NY. His mother taught first grade and college seniors and his father was an editor of the local paper. […]


Keituri Takes Finnish National Jump Title

It was no real surprise that 26-year-old Kalle Keituri took the large hill ski jumping title for Finland over the weekend, on the hallowed jumps in Lahti. Keituri landed jumps good for 121 meters and 125 meters with total points of 258.7 to take the crown of national champion against the likes of famed Matti […]


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