Norwegian skier Krister Trondsen collides with sheep while rollerskiing

Norwegian skier Krister Trondsen collides with sheep while rollerskiing{mosimage}According to a report posted on FasterSkier.com, a Norwegian A-Team cross-country skier was injured when he crashed into a sheep during a roller-ski workout last weekend. The day before the accident, Krister Trondsen had been named Norway’s squad for the first World Cup.

According to FasterSkier’s report, Trondsen admits that the hill he was on was too steep for safe rollerskiing and hitting the sheep was dangerous and irresponsible, and quotes him as saying, ‘I reached a speed of roughly 60 kilometers per hour and panicked when I saw three sheep in the middle of the hill. It was nothing I could do and my right knee hit one of the sheep.’

Trondsen expects to return to regular training in about a week. Trondsen said that he doesn’t know if the sheep was hurt, but that it “ran into the forest” after the collision.

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