Gear Guide: Völkl Racetiger GS Race Stock WC

VOE-1516-Racetiger-GS-R-pre-CMYK setJust like in auto racing, it’s up to the suppliers to make the fastest products within the rules.  With a new shape that meets the new 35m (Men’s) and 30m (Women’s) sidecut radius requirements, our new GS skis feature tip rocker and UVO


  • Lengths:
    • 183 cm (Race Stock GS ski for U16, U18, and U21 racers)
    • 188 cm (GS ski for U16 & Masters competitors)
    • 191  cm (Race Stock GS ski for U18 and U21 racers)
  • Radius: 183=30m, 188=27.5m, 191=35m


  • Marker World Cup PC Interface Plates
  • Full Sensorwood Core
  • Tip Rocker on the GS skis
  • Power Construction Powered by Titanium
  • Speedwall
  • FIS approved for World Cup and European Cup
  • Marker WC Piston Plate / UVO
  • UVO: The Marker UVO is the first application of a free-floating, 360 degree vibration technology.  Vibration inherently arises when skis interact with the snow surface.  The ski’s tip, in particular, is set in motion in all directions, all at once.  UVO technology delivers proven reduction of these vibrations, for a quieter ride.  The key difference between UVO and other damping systems is the fact that in addition to longitudinal vibrations, it also addresses torsional and lateral vibrations.  After 40 or 50 better-Controlled turns, one can imagine the time savings.

MSRP $1,065

Recommended Bindings for Adult Skis:

In-Depth Analysis:

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