Gear Guide: Blizzard GS FIS-Racing

gs_fis-racing_flatThanks to a great R & D effort our new FIS legal 35 m (men’s) and 30 m (women’s) skis are world class. Ease of turn initiation and unrivaled turn stability has defined Blizzard skis, and our new offerings are no exception. Athletes will enjoy a smooth transition into the new FIS regulations with Blizzard.

Are you ready for adult race ski but don’t need FIS compiance?  Then the Blizzard 184 GS ski is just right for you. With a 26m radius, the harder charging U16′s now have the ultimate weapon of choice


  • Lengths:  183, 184,  188, 190, 195cm
  • Radius:  26 m (184cm) 30 m (183 & 188cm); 35 m (190 & 195cm)


  • Plate: Marker Piston WC Plate

MSRP $1,200

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