Course record shattered at Australian Worldloppet

Course record shattered at Australian Worldloppet{mosimage}Last year, Australia’s “Kangaroo Hoppet,” a leg of the international Worldloppet cross-country race series, was nearly cancelled due to blizzard conditions. Participants at this year’s race, held August 28, in Falls Creek, enjoyed blue skies and a fast track. Local skier Ben Derrick smashed the previous course record, completing the 42km event in 1:35:10, besting Finnish champion Sami Pietilae and countryman Ben Sim. The women’s race concluded with a sprint finish, with Clare-Louise Brumley edging out Katherine “KT” Calder.

2004 Kangaroo Hoppet 42 km
Falls Creek, Australia
August 28, 2004

1. Ben Derrick, Victoria
2. Ben Sim, NSW
3. Sami Pietilae, FINLAND
4. Paul Murray, Victoria
5. Chris Darlington, NSW
6. Daniel van der Ploeg, Victoria
7. Andrew Wynd, Victoria
8. Andrew Mock, Victoria
9. Mark Raymond, Victoria
10. Leon Spiller, Victoria

1. Clare-Louise Brumley, Victoria
2. Katherine Calder, ACT
3. Belinda Phillips, Victoria
4. Camille Melvey, NSW
5. Robin Rodd, Victoria
6. Mary Feeney-Hall, USA
7. Rhiannon Palmer, ACT
8. Jane Scheer, NSW
9. Sandra Paul, Victoria
10. Nicole David, GREAT BRITAIN

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