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To register for the Colorado Ski Race Camp please visit: http://keelyscoloradocamp.ezregister.com/

Our mission is to empower, inspire, educate and connect the next generation of girls in skiing.

Overview:  Keely’s Camp is the first racing and big mountain ski camp for girls in North America. Not only do we provide racing camps, but we also emphasize big mountain free skiing camps. Our all-star female staff of past and current, Olympic, World Cup, NCAA and Big Mountain athlete-coaches provide a unique and memorable experience. All coaching is founded on the premise that building self-confidence and providing access to interact with world-class female athletes inspires the inner athlete in each camper.

What people are saying about Keely’s Camp:

Current U.S. Ski Team member, Olympian, and Keely’s Camp Athlete Ambassador, Alice Mckennis, says “I wish a camp like this was around when I was growing up.”

Parents Jeff and Kari Hensien said, “Keely’s camp provides girls with invaluable visual and contextual learning opportunities. At Keely’s camp girls have access to female coaches with World Cup, Olympic and upper level FIS experience who not only coach, but run the course with them.  We’re not aware of another experience like it.”

Unique Coaches and Qualifications:

Keely’s Camp has brought together a seasoned team of professional female athletes to coach girls. Keely’s Camp boasts coaches with the following cumulative accomplishments:

  • 8 Olympic starts
  • 423 World Cup starts
  • 278 years of ski racing experience
  • 80 years of coaching experience

Core Values:

  • Shape and inspire how each camper looks through her goggles.
  • Motivate campers to set higher goals and achieve greater accomplishments by providing her quality time to interact and learn from her hero to uncover her hidden talents.
  • Work with campers to realize their personal value and build her self-esteem and confidence.
  • Encourage and nurture healthy and supportive friendships.
  • Transition, train and nurture world-class female athletes into world-class coaches.


Location: Alta, Utah, Big Sky, MT and Mt. Hood, OR

Activities:  Yoga, hikes, ultimate Frisbee, soccer, stand up paddle boarding and innovative U.S. Ski Team workout techniques.

2014 Big Mountain Camp Dates: Alta, UT April 12th and 13th; Big Sky, MT April 19th-20th

Mt. Hood Race Camps: Session 1, June 20-28; Session 2, June 29-July 5th; Session 3 July 21 – 28; Session 4 July 29-Aug. 5

Cost: Big Mountain Camp $375.00; Race Camp $1,695.00

Scholarships: Keely’s Camp is committed to providing scholarships and procuring donations which enable families with lesser means to send their young athlete to camp. For more information visit the camp website.

Contact:  Keely Kelleher, keelyscamp@gmail.com


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